a plot summary of austin powers and the satirical similarities with james bond

Storing things at a cold temperature is often important so that they do not go bad. It is for this reason that the refrigerator was invented, so that food would not go rotten when people stored it. Also, sometimes other things need to be kept cold such as gases or chemicals so that they do not react badly to their surroundings and become dangerous. In this way, compressed gas cylinders and cryogenic cylinders are important to the people who need them. However, sometimes people in film think up ridiculous ways to use such technology that is not at all plausible in real life, now and even possibly in the future. For example, in the movie series Austin Powers the protagonist, secret agent Austin Powers, is cryogenically frozen so that he does not age and can always be around to battle his arch nemesis Dr. Evil.
The original Austin Powers movie was developed as a spoof on the concept of James Bond. In other words, essentially everything in Austin Powers mocks the world of James Bond. The films are unique in that Canadian actor and comedian Mike Meyers not only wrote and directed the movie, but also starred in the film as both Austin and evil super villain Dr. Evil. Throughout the three films in the series the two are almost never seen in the same shot together and when they are it is down to tricky and painstaking editing rather than a different actor playing one of the characters.
There are many similarities between Austin Powers and James Bond, which of course is done on purpose to mock the concept of the super spy who gets all the girls and has so many adventures. One similarity is that in James Bond there is a villain who has a fluffy white cat that sits with him all the time. Dr. Evil also has a cat, except that since it was cryogenically frozen it lost all its hair and now looks like an ugly, furless rodent. Furthermore, in the Bond films there was an evil henchman who went by the name of Odd Job who throws a weighted hat to hurt his enemies during his evil doing. However, in Austin Powers the same character becomes Random Task, who throws his shoe at the victims of his crimes.
As far as the plot of the first film, Dr. Evil decides to try to take over the world but finds that after thirty years of being frozen, his methods of holding the world hostage and the money he demands in return are a bit out of date. For example, first Dr. Evil decides that he is going to ruin the throne of the United Kingdom by making it seem as though Prince Charles has cheated on Diana and will therefore have to abdicate rule, which his assistants tell him has already happened. Then the evil villain decides to try and hold the world hostage by using a gun to destroy some of the ozone layer, increasing the temperature on the planet and dooming civilization. Once again, his assistants inform him that in the time he was frozen this has already happened as well. The plot progresses as a hilarious game of cat and mouse between Dr. Evil and Austin.
Although it has many fans across the globe, the James Bond series is rife with things that can be lampooned and Austin Powers are essentially the first series of movies that does just that.

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